The Autotunes at The Teachers’ Lounge, 2016



“When I pick up my pen, pluck my guitar strings or post up by the microphone, I just want you to feel something” – J Appiah


Having achieved a degree in Social Anthropology, people have always fascinated him, at every level, be it as individuals or as part of something bigger. People add bring colour to life and it is life that is at the heart of everything J Appiah writes.


As a songwriter, he shares a commonality with those who listen to his music, because more than anything, he understands what it is to be human. This keeps his music honest and authentic and with every song he shares a piece of himself. 


If only for a few minutes, J Appiah takes listeners to a different place, a unique space, where the feeling isfeelings are real. In this space some people tap their toes, in this space some people cry and for some, in that moment, find solace. Every song is an open letter to the listener, at times acoustic, at times anthemic but alwaysll the time it’s truthful. These are the songs that will mean something to someone, anyone., hopefully, anyone. 


At 5five years old, J stumbled across a collection of his estranged father’s vinyl records and thiswhich would have a lasting impact on him. Music has always been in J’s life but the but his interest became a passion once he was enrolled in a local Saturday music school. Here his eclectic taste in music was given the fertile environment in which it could grow. His love for music developed and here evolved here, all his influences, from Bob Dylan to Stevie Wonder, from D’Angelo to James Blake, came together in this melting pot., from Bob Dylan to Stevie Wonder, from D’Angelo to James Blake and almost everything in between. The cultural surroundings of the Hackney native have also helped to sculpt his musical muscles., He’s Ghana- raised and London made. Hip- Life has done as much for this artist as Grime has, whether Daddy Lumba or D Double he’s found lessons and inventiveness in all types of the art form and carries them wherever he goes. J continues to hone his trade, and has provided backing vocals for artists such as Michael Kinwanuka, Kwabs, Jess Glynne, Maverick Sabre among others.


The singer/songwriter received great support from the industry on his last project ‘Travelight’ and now invites you to join him for the ride as he continues his journey. 


Words by : Kwabena Agyeman-Mensah